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Featuring: CRFT, Nocode Works and Whimsical 🛡️



October 13 · Issue #140 · View online
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Featured Company: CRFT 🛡️
CRFT: No-Code Automation for Cybersecurity CRFT: No-Code Automation for Cybersecurity
CRFT Demo: Managing Owner Tags in AWS EC2
Design better apps and websites. Faster.
Whimsical: The Visual Workspace
Whimsical Wireframes on Vimeo
A little bit of no code magic 🎱
Turn Google Docs into anything
A new fun tutorial with Bannerbear!
How to Auto Generate Videos with Bannerbear and Zapier - Bannerbear
Saltcorn 2.0 has been released ✨
Build with no compromises, no code, in no time⌚
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