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How to define, design, and validate your product idea 🤙

Hey All 🤙 Robert is a ex-Google product manager who has also worked at VC funds and a number of tech


August 17 · Issue #127 · View online
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Hey All 🤙 Robert is a ex-Google product manager who has also worked at VC funds and a number of tech startups in London and NYC. He’s created a course to help you learn the product mindset and strategic thinking that tech companies and startups use to quickly define, create, and validate product or business ideas. However, instead of requiring the large teams of designers and developers that these large companies rely on, he’s adapted the processes to only use no-code (but industry standard) tools such as Whimsical, Figma, Carrd and Amplitude. This course is a great place for anyone who wants to start applying their no-code thinking in a more professional and strategic way.“

How to define, design, and validate your product idea - Intro Video
The no-nonsense guide for people wanting to launch successful products
Created by Robert Bye, a Product Manager who’s worked at Google, Founders Factory, and Fueled, in addition to co-founding Morrama.

What is it?
This playbook is for people wanting to define, create, and validate their product or business idea before investing too much time and money.
It includes a multi-part video workshop and toolkit covering the fundamentals of product strategy, design and entrepreneurship, giving you the tools to execute and validate your own ideas.
Taught using free to access tools, so no additional software is needed.

Who is it for?
Suitable for anyone who wants to turn their product or business idea into something real. No matter your background, or experience level.
The structure
+ Deep dive into your idea and the problem it’s solving
+ Exploring potential users and define functional user groups
+ Building your featureset and roadmap

+ What should your minimum viable product/service do
+ How to talk about and market your idea
+ Selling to your first potential users

+ Wireframing your minimum viable product/service
+ Designing core screens & marketing materials
+ Building a landing page

+ Launching to your existing network
+ Reaching people outside of your network
+ Defining metrics to validate your idea

What you’ll learn
+ How to build a product people will want to use and pay for
+ How to design core parts of a product / service
+ How to create a custom landing page for free
+ How to validate your idea and make sure you’re building the right thing

Tools you’ll learn to use
+ Whimsical
+ Figma
+ Amplitude

No additional software purchases required, all taught using free to access tools. 
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